Know the specialist

About Me

Renowned for an impeccable eye for detail and fresh ideas.
Flowers are my life, passion and muses.

My Approach

I have been working with flowers for over 20 years. Also, I have many years of experience as a retail and contract florist. Spending my time travelling within Europe as well as working for top class hotels, restaurants, institutions and films to be accredited to many of London’s most prestigious venues. My years of experience within these unique spaces ensure workable designs, understanding the practicalities whilst complimenting the individuality of each venue.

My Philosophy

Flowers should be treated as ephemeral pieces of art that should get blended within the space in which they are displayed, creating a feeling of unavoidable naturalness. Thanks to these guidelines, I achieve with ease a spontaneous balance between visual stimulation, olfactory experience and the adequate style for the specific event or occasion. My philosophy is simple yet powerful: elegance, rich simplicity and innovation